Brown Owl Press is an independent publisher of photo books and zines based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2013 by Al Palmer, we focus on narrative photographic stories in printed form. We care.

We offer wholesale rates for retailers. Please email [email protected] for further information.

We do accept submissions. However, please take note of the sort of titles we release and try to figure out if Brown Owl Press and you are a good fit. Don't send us a copy-and-pasted email you've sent to every publisher you can find, tell us about yourself and what you want to publish. At the very least include a project synopsis and an idea of what format you see your project being released in. We generally aren't too interested in straightforward documentary work unless it's related to music scenes (primarily punk/hardcore/garage, funk/soul/disco and house/techno) or fighting sports. Brown Owl Press pays for 100% of the printing and you won't be charged for working with us.

We don't believe in unpaid internships. They're unfair and exploitative. Don't work for free!

Press and Interviews:
Infinite Prototype, 2024
Lenscratch, 2022
Nope Fun, 2020
Let's Be Brief, 2019
Don't Take Pictures, 2018
Loupe Magazine, 2018
Fototazo, 2016
Lungs Project, 2016

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