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Ameena Rojee - Hard Work

Ameena Rojee - Hard Work

Released November 2015
Edition of 250
90 pages
Foreword by Benjamin Zephaniah
ISBN 978 0 9933535 0 5
Off-set printed

Hard Work is the story of Ameena Rojee’s journey to China to train in Kung Fu. Kung Fu approximately translates to ‘a skill attained through hard work’, which is appropriate for Ameena’s instruction in Kung FU and her photographic practice.

“I found that I was in the midst of a shift. A shift between the old world and the new world. My romantic notions of travelling to a mystical land of beauty and power were cut short when instead, I found a place half in the past and half in the future that echoed more about home than I had expected to find.”